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Two Mothers Alike

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I had a mother,
So sweet and fair.
I still can remember
Her soft brown hair.

It was long ago,
But not forgotten.
For, it was of her flesh
That I was begotten.

I loved her so.
But, our Lord did, too.
So, we gave her to Him,
Our eyes filled with dew.

She now is in Heaven …
In a place that was made
For only our mothers,
Whose love never fades.

I now have another,
That loves me the same.
I, also, call her mother.
For, God gave her that name.

I love her as much,
If not any more.
She’s a warmth to my heart,
And holds the key to it’s door.

Words cannot express,
The charm that she holds.
She’s just like all mothers,
That come from God’s mold.

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