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Mother’s Real Love

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Every mother, as you can plainly see,
Wants her daughter to be happy as can be.
I have an interesting tale to tell
That expresses this very well.

When she was just 17
She gave birth to a baby girl.
She loved this baby very much,
More than anything else in the world.

She decided she did’nt have the money or life
To bring her up just right.
So she gave her up for adoption
So she could have a family just right.

I am the baby girl, though not a baby anymore,
And I appreciate this special love.
For it is such a powerful feeling
Sent from God above.

I have a very special family now,
But I admit, I have to inquire
About the woman who gave me life,
Before my life will be entire.

This woman had strengh & lots of courage
And lots of help from above.
This woman had a special gift.
She had a mother’s real love.

Another woman who gave me a lot
Is the mother I have now.
She did’nt give me life,
But she did fulfill it somehow.

This woman is who I call “Mom”
The only “Mom” I know,
I love her very much,
And hope that I let it show.

She & my family mean more to me
Than anything else in this world,
And I hope she will always think
Of me as HER baby girl.

I love you Mom
Very much you see,
But when I want to find the woman who gave me
Please feel at ease & assist me.

She gave me life, but you fulfilled it
And none can take your place.
Sure I want to meet her & even be a friend,
And talk to her face to face.

But you have no reason to worry,
You also had help from above.
You also have a special gift,
You have a mother’s real love.

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