Lina from North Carolina

Hopscotch Adoptions Inc.

  • Age5
  • GenderF
  • LocationNorth Carolina
  • Case #Lina

Lina was born prematurely in September 2012. She has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (quadripyramidal syndrome) and convergent strabismus. Her development is delayed.

Lina sits independently, pulls to stand and remains standing with support, and walks with a walker. When toys or objects are offered, she holds them with a good grasp, and examines them using her eyes and mouth without manipulating them. Lina tracks objects and reacts to sound, responding selectively to her name. She does not demonstrate understanding when spoken to, but shows interest and seems to listen when adults are speaking.

Lina is a calm, peaceful child who prefers to be around others rather than being alone. While she does not initiate interactions, she accepts contact and physical affection from known adults, responding with a smile. She is comfortable around other children. Lina is spoon fed, has a good appetite and sleeps well.

Weight at Birth: 1.990 kg Height at Birth: 38 cm Head circumference at Birth: 30 cm

Weight Jan 2017 2016: 8.2 kg Height Jan 2017 2016: 79 cm Head circumference Sept 2016: 47 cm

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