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Alex from Texas



from Texas

Alex is a sports enthusiast! He enjoys doing anything sports related which includes playing football, basketball, and practicing his boxing skills on a punching bag. Alex states that he has previously played on sports teams, and he would really like the opportunity to join different athletic programs again. Alex also finds peace in doing some activities alone, such as reading books like Harry Potter, Spy School, and comic books. He also likes playing video games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Slither, Call of Duty, Jurassic Park, and racing games. Alex likes watching television and he especially enjoys the Marvel and DC movies. His favorite Marvel superhero is Dr. Strange. Alex's favorite color is blue. Alex was born in Uganda, and he is interested in learning more about his culture including relearning the language and the things specific to his culture. Alex reports that his favorite Ugandan dish is beef stew and chipote. His favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-a, especially the cookies from there. His Christianity is important to him, and his preferred Bible is the New King James version. Alex is extremely honest and respectful toward his caregivers. He will usually admit when he has made a mistake or done something wrong. Alex is a smart youth who is helpful in whatever way he can be. He connects to new people easily and appreciates praise and validation. Alex loves dogs, and he looks forward to having one of his own!

Alex will benefit from a family who can meet his needs and provide him with a loving and comforting family to rely on. He will thrive with a family who is understanding and loving, while still creating structure and routine for him. His family will be interested in and encouraging of Alex's connection to his cultural background. Alex is hopeful that he will have a dog of his own in his forever family!

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