Malik from Pennsylvania

Statewide Adoption Network Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

  • Age6
  • GenderBoys
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C40AA81
Malik is an adorable, caring, and extremely loving young boy. He has a medium complexion with very short dark brown hair and big brown eyes. He shows affection and love by hugging others; he is very generous with his hugs! When given the opportunity to play, he enjoys playing with figurines and any other toy with soft textures and likes playing independently for extended periods of time. Although his favorite and least favorite foods change often, he has a big appetite when the meal is something he really enjoys. Malik's absolute favorite food is apples. Malik is on the Autism Spectrum and is learning tasks such as identifying letters and numbers, and writing. At this time, Malik is able to express his wants and needs by using gestures. For example, when he wants an apple he will take his foster parent's hand, lead them into the kitchen where he points to the fridge, and then gestures to the apple drawer. Throughout the school day Malik receives one on one support to help him focus on each task assigned to him. Speech services are also provided to Malik in school. In regards to social development, Malik frequently keeps to himself when others are around and displays no aggression to others or animals. He appears to recognize his siblings when he is able to visit with them by showing affection through hugs. Malik would do best with a family who is patient and willing to work with him to help him meet his goals. He will benefit from a family who could provide a significant amount of individual attention in a structured environment. Malik also does well when there is an established routine. Family connections are important and Malik needs to maintain contact with his siblings and extended family members in the future. He is not legally free for adoption, although this will be pursued when a permanent resource is identified. For more information on Malik, you may contact his recruiter, Alyssa Ralston, at
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