Daren from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80454

Daren is an active teen who loves be outdoors. He likes to work with his hands doing things such as building things, doing artwork, and working in the yard. He has interests in welding, mechanics, social work, and helping kids who have been through similar experiences as himself. Daren likes to play sports and has been involved in track, basketball, football, and cross-country at school. He is competitive and likes to be the best at everything. Daren tends to relate better to men than women, but still does okay with foster moms. He sometimes struggles with being a follower, and needs a family who can help him become a leader. He wants to belong and looks for reassurance that he is valued. He may sometimes try not to connect with people to avoid being hurt, but he does still attach with his foster families. Daren does well with positive reinforcement. He is very bright and makes As and Bs in school.

Daren needs a family who will be nurturing and will teach him leadership skills. He needs parents with an active lifestyle. Daren longs for connection and support. He can achieve anything he puts his mind to if he has someone behind him telling him he can do it. A family who will show him unconditional love and affection will teach him to trust.