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Reyna from Texas



from Texas

Reyna is a sweet and bubbly teenage girl! She loves to shop, spend time with her friends, and she loves to eat. Chick-fil-A is her go-to restaurant as she loves their chicken. Snacks are her first love, and she is always making jokes about it. Her favorite snack indulgence is chips and cookies. Reyna makes friends easily and opens up to people very quickly once she knows she can trust them. Reyna is very artistic and loves to craft. She is very creative and can create a masterpiece out of just about anything. Like most teenage girls, Reyna also loves going to the mall and being on her phone or computer. She is very optimistic about life. Reyna is goal oriented and wants to be successful in whatever she does in life. Reyna remains positive and is usually very happy. There are tough days, but she still finds something to be happy and laugh about!

Reyna is open to a one-parent or two-parent family who will provide her with unconditional love and structure. She is open to non-traditional families and would do well in a family with two females. She has a sister who is not part of this adoption, and it will be beneficial for her family to be open to maintaining contact with her. Her forever family will provide her with support for her educational and behavioral needs. Reyna needs consistent and firm love and encouragement. She wants to make smart choices and will thrive from positive role models in her life to show her how to go about that. Reyna longs to belong to a family. She very much wants to be adopted and cannot wait to meet her forever family!

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