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Benton from European Union



from European Union

Benton is a healthy, typically developing boy who was born in December 2005. He has been living in a group home since mid-2017. A good-natured, respectful, and well-intentioned teen, Benton adapts well to unfamiliar environments and situations. He is bilingual, and while his vocabulary in the main language of his country is weaker than that of his peers, his grammar skills continue to improve. Benton talks freely with peers and adults, sometimes using non-verbal means of communication to enhance his speech. He enjoys competitive games, soccer, boxing, drawing, and PlayStation. In the 2020/2021 school year Benton is a 7th grade student working with a resource teacher. He attends a secondary school for sports, studying under the specialty of boxing. Benton can read and write but struggles with reading comprehension and shows limited motivation for schoolwork. Benton has a positive view of adoption and wishes to have a forever family.
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