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Janaysia from Texas



from Texas

Janaysia is a sweet, playful, and affectionate child. Her caseworker describes her as having a kind spirit and full of joy. Janaysia is always happy and is known to greet everyone with a big smile. She is very friendly and thoughtful. She makes friends easily and wants to ensure that everyone feels included. Janaysia enjoys going to school. She loves interacting with students and staff and is open to learning new things. Janaysia is a hard worker and will try her best to complete her work even if it is difficult for her. She is inquisitive and likes to ask questions about things to understand them. Janaysia enjoys drawing, watching TV, and playing with her tablet, dolls, and art kits. Pizza, ice cream, and chicken are some of her favorite foods. Janaysia's favorite Disney characters are from the Frozen movie. She also likes watching action movies and wrestling.

Janaysia needs a family that can meet all of her needs. She needs a family that is loving and supportive. Her family will be patient, understanding, and kind. Janaysia does well with other children in the home. She is friendly and gets along well with others. Janaysia would benefit from a home that supports her and allows her to receive continued support services.

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