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ALEX from Florida



from Florida

Are you active and enjoy outdoor sports? Do you desire to have a son who you can share those outdoor activities with? If so, Alex may be a perfect match for your family. Alex is a very active young man and he enjoys a variety of outside activities such as football, basketball, and swimming. Alex also enjoys drawing, listening to music, and just relaxing in his free time. Alex describes himself as active, cool, and funny and states he has a hearty appetite as he enjoys fried chicken, salad, and spaghetti. Alex is in a very pivotal time in his life and desires to be adopted by an individual or family who is willing and able to be a positive role model for him. Alex desires to be adopted by a family who is kind and willing to love him unconditionally. Alex is in need of an individual or family who is willing to offer him stability, consistency, and boundaries. If you feel your family is able to meet the needs of Alex, please do not hesitate to contact Seanetta Robinson.
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