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CODA from Florida



from Florida

Coda is a little boy with a captivating smile. He has a lot of energy and is curious about the world around him. Coda likes to play football, soccer, and baseball; he hopes to become a professional basketball player when he grows up, or maybe to be the quarterback of a football team. He likes playing outside and going to the beach, but can also settle down in front of a board game or game system, and he enjoys playing on the computer or tablet. He enjoys shows like Teen Titans and Spongebob, and listening to music by Drake. Coda can by shy at first, but is affectionate and enjoys hugs and cuddling up to those close to him. He is very bright and tends to make friends easily. He loves animals and hopes to have a pet dog one day. Coda would thrive in a home with two dads, but is open to any household composition. He would benefit from parents who can provide him with consistent structure and who can be patient and understanding as he transitions into their home.
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