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DAVID from Florida



from Florida

David is an eleven year old, biracial male child with brown eyes and brown hair. David's personality is described as bubbly and humorous. David enjoys playing outside, enjoys playing all different sports, video games, going bowling, coloring, and carving pumpkins. David's favorite characters are The Flash, Batman, DC comics, and the Lego movie is his favorite movie. David enjoys playing sports and is very good at playing basketball, football and soccer. David is a good eater and he enjoys eating Sushi, Chinese, chips, candy, broccoli, asparagus, pizza and Takis. David least enjoys spinach and chicken pot pies. If David had an opportunity to spend a one on one day with his prospective adoptive family, David would want to go to Dave and Busters. David would benefit from a family who is committed to giving him the attention that he requires, as well as being able to assist with David's self regulation and meeting his mental health needs, as well as his educational difficulties. It may be beneficial for the family not to have any other children in the home, or a home with other children that are either the same age as David, or older, with no mental health or developmental needs.
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