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Jamiya from Texas



from Texas

Jamiya is a passionate, determined young girl. She enjoys riding her bike outside, playing with her friends, and dancing to music. She is working on expressing her emotions in a healthy way. Jamiya's favorite foods are pizza, Oreo ice cream, Kit Kats, and Takis. She is doing well in her life skills class and is learning how to count money. Jamiya forms bonds well with others and loves to make new friends. She enjoys attending school and her favorite class right now is math. Jamiya enjoys playing on the tablet, playing on the playground, and spending time with her favorite people. She gets very excited over things that she likes and likes to do her "happy dance". Jamiya loves to sing songs while she dances with her friends.

Jamiya's forever family will be very hands on and patient. Jamiya's family will provide assistance with daily living activities and sometimes needs reminders. Jamiya tries to do things independently to the best of her ability. Jamiya's family will be open to caring for her long-term.

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