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MITCHELL from Florida



from Florida

Meet Edrick, a young man who can sometimes by shy. It may take some time for him to warm up to you but he is an awesome young man. Edrick loves sports and basketball. Edrick has won a trophy for his skills in basketball and he is very proud of his award. Despite all that he has been through, he has managed to keep As and Bs on his report card. Edrick has a twin brother Mitchell and a sister Janovia. All three of these children need to be adopted together. Edrick would do well in a home that can support him but give him the time he needs to grow into a great young man. Meet Mitchell, a wonderful young man who seeks a brighter future for himself. Mitchell has a twin brother, Edrick and a sister Janovia. He is similar to his brother Edrick, in that he can be guarded when he first meets someone. He writes in his journal to help him cope with difficulties in his life. He loves basketball and he is a member of a travelling basketball team. He won a basketball trophy and he has a history of getting As and Bs on his report card. Mitchell would do well in a home that can provide a lot of structure, love and patience for him and his siblings. Meet Janovia, a playful and energetic child. She is very family oriented and enjoys learning new things, and being actively engaged in the household. Janovia is always smiling and asking questions; she is very inquisitive. Janovia excels at any sport you put her in. She is a very fast runner and would like to be an Olympian one day. Janovia also enjoys gymnastics, swimming and technology. Janovia has two brothers, Edrick and Mitchell and they need to be adopted together. They are very protective over their little sister. Janovia and her siblings would thrive in a family that can be patient, loving and structured.