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Kodie from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Kodie is a sweet, affectionate and kind young man who always greets you with a smile, and ? if he knows you ? a hug! Spending time with him always improves your day, as he has a genuine compliment or two for you every time you see him. He's very observant and always notices a piece of jewelry, watch, or new haircut and of course compliments you on it. He's a very loyal person and cares deeply about those who care about him. Kodie loves listening to music, and if you're lucky, you'll catch him singing or dancing. Pop music is his favorite, but he'll listen to anything on the radio. He loves looking at fashion magazines and picking out his favorite outfits and the way to his heart is to bring him a new one, as he treasures every page! He loves color, pattern and anything that looks or feels fancy. He also enjoys going for walks and soaking up the sun when the weather is nice. Kodie's team agrees that he needs a family who can provide him with consistent supervision, and therefore may do best in a two parent family with perhaps one or two siblings with lower supervision needs. He's open to any family type, but would love to have a female role model in his life. He currently has phone contact and occasional visits with his sister, grandmother, and a family friend and it's important to him to maintain these relationships. He really wants to be in a family and know that he's with people who love him. Kodie is legally free for adoption. For more information about this charming young man, please have your family worker reach out to his recruiter, Helene, at or call the SWAN Helpline at 800-585-SWAN.
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