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Kodie from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Kodie is outgoing, kind-hearted, and very social. He loves meeting new people and is definitely a ?people person? as his welcoming, talkative nature is incredibly endearing. He's also very observant and always has a compliment ready for everyone. He's grateful to those who spend time with him and affectionate with people he cares about. Kodie loves nature and enjoys going to the park and going on walks. He also enjoys coloring and drawing, but if you really want to see his personality come out, offer to take his picture! He can be a bit of ham and is very photogenic! He's also a big fan of the Disney channel ? both the TV and music. Listening to music, singing, and dancing are among his favorite pastimes. Kodie is in a life skills classroom at school. He likes school, and is eligible to be in school through age twenty-one and he'll need ongoing support throughout his life. He thrives with consistency and structure, especially when his caregivers are consistent. Although he's been in homes with a mom and dad, most of his experience has been with female caregivers thus he would prefer a home with either a single mom or even two moms who can provide him with supervision. He is in contact with his sister and grandmother, and it is important that he stay connected to them. Kodie is legally free for adoption. To learn more about him, please contact his recruiter, Katie, at Here is a Video of Kodie.