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Kodie from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Kodie is a genuinely sweet young man who always has a compliment for everyone. He'll always notice a new haircut or piece of jewelry, and is sure to compliment it! He's very social and enjoys meeting new people. He appreciates people who spend time with them and is affectionate with those he cares about. You always leave an interaction with him feeling a little bit happier and optimistic! He enjoys nature and likes going to the park and going on walks. He LOVES fashion and likes to look through magazines and pick out his favorite outfits. Kodie likes color, patterns and anything ?fancy.? He enjoys adding a little color to his look by painting his nails. He also likes to listen to music, and if you're lucky, you'll get to see him dance! Kodie's in a life skills classroom and is eligible to stay in school until the age of 21 with IDD services. He enjoys going to school and thrives in a structured, consistent settings in school and at home and does best with a lot of supervision. Kodie really wants to live in a family setting and has a strong desire to belong and connect with people, especially adults. He wants to be cared about. Most of his experience is with female caregivers, so he would prefer to have at least one mom. He would thrive as the youngest child in the home and needs a family who has the ability to supervise him consistently. For that reason, he may do best with two parents. He's connected to his biological sister and biological grandmother through phone calls and occasional visits. These relationships are very important to him, and his forever family will need to help him maintain them. Kodie is legally free for adoption. If you think you could be the forever family for him, or want to learn more, please have your family worker reach out to his recruiter, Katie Juliana, at, or call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN.