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Harrison from Texas



from Texas

Harrison, who prefers to go by Luke, is a sweet and enthusiastic boy who loves to play outside. He likes football and riding his bike. When Luke is inside, he loves singing and playing video games. He is eager to make those around him happy and wants to help people around him, including playing and sharing with his younger foster siblings. When he grows up, Luke wants to be a YouTuber or play music for a living. Luke's favorite subject in school is choir. He warms up to new people quickly and enjoys having conversations about his day. Luke continues to work on building senses of trust, and he benefits from patience and understanding from the adults around him. He continues to strengthen his emotional regulation skills. Luke has an affectionate and loving personality towards the people in his life.

Luke will benefit from a patient and sensitive family who has a sense of humor. Luke enjoys making jokes and laughing. His forever family will be patient in building a trusting, loving relationship with Luke. His family will advocate for and assist him with his educational needs. What Luke needs most is a family who will help him enjoy his childhood and make him feel accepted and loved. He will do best in a home with no children or very young children. Luke enjoys being a helper and will thrive in a home where he receives the focus that he needs.

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