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Makayla from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Makayla is a sweet, loving, and talkative young lady. She has a great sense of humor and loves telling jokes and making others laugh. Makayla is a powerhouse of energy and excitement. Always sociable, she makes friends easily and will open up and share her interests with you. Makayla likes playing board and card games, drawing, and coloring. She also enjoys listening to music and watching television. She has great dancing skills and loves mimicking the dancers she sees in music videos. Makayla's favorite activity is shopping., If she was given the opportunity, she would shop until she would drop. She has a fondness for sneakers and is always looking to purchase the latest styles. Makayla is very intelligent and doing well in school. She loves reading, especially fiction books about young girls around her age. Makayla's favorite foods are pizza, chicken wings, and Chinese food. She loves trips to McDonalds with her caseworker. She describes herself as funny, playful, and someone who loves animals. She would love to wear makeup as she gets older. Makayla is expressive and communicates her wants and needs effectively. She is a good student and is proud of her achievements. She recently learned how to roller skate and would love to try gymnastics and have a family that would support her in this interest. Makayla's dream day would be spending family time with her forever family eating together and just hanging out. She would love to have some older siblings and pets. She would do well in a structured home with patient caregivers. Makayla is legally free for adoption.