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Zechariah from Texas



from Texas

Zechariah is a very energetic and active child. He enjoys playing with toys, going to the park, swimming, and playing video games. Zechariah is a sweet boy and can be very loving towards the people for whom he cares. He is making strides in his education and benefits from accommodations to assist him. His attention levels are appropriate, and he persists through difficult tasks. Zechariah struggles with retaining information he learns but has improved tremendously in his reading and communication skills. Zechariah is learning to use his coping skills of taking deep breaths, counting to 10 and taking time away in order to improve his behaviors once he becomes upset. He can communicate his feelings effectively. He is ready to by a loving and caring family.

Zechariah needs a family with a strong and present father figure. He will benefit from parents who provide structured discipline and who create a stable and structured environment where expectations are clear and consistent. Zechariah needs a family who is loving, patient, and who will give him praise for his efforts and hard work.

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