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Marianne from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Marianne would love to eat Spanish food with you! This creative and quite teen would love to share a meal with you and although she loves Spanish food, she is also a fan of American food too. She also has quite a sweet tooth, particularly for desserts! In school she gets to show her creative side in art and music which are two of her favorite subjects. You'll also find her expressing herself and singing her heart out in her school's chorus as well as in the school play. In her free time, she's also started taking guitar and piano lessons which is a highlight of her week. When exploring other activities other than music, Marianne will usually pass on sports or athletics as she describes herself as being someone who is ?not athletic.? She'd much rather participate in some type of indoor activity like watching movies or Japanese TV shows, or doing arts and crafts. As most teens, Marianne is developing her thoughts and opinions about life and the world around her. While she has strong convictions and opinions, she's also willing to hear and consider another person's point of view which is an important skill for interacting with her peers and adults. And once trust is established, she'll give you the chance to hear about what she thinks and believes, and you can be sure an enriching conversation will follow. Marianne has siblings whom she loves dearly and speaks about with fondness. She gets to visit them frequently and visits occur in the Southeast region of PA. It's very important to her to be able to continue a relationship with her siblings in the future and she'll need a family to be supportive of these connections. Marianne is not yet legally free for adoption; however, upon the identification of a permanency resource the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. To learn more about Marianne, call 1-800-585-SWAN.
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