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Maxeen from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Maxeen is a smart and friendly, yet shy, young lady. She has a kind-heart and interacts well with other children, peers, and adults. She loves to help take care of younger kids! Maxeen describes herself as fun, creative, and weird, but in a good way! Other people have described her as understanding, with a good personality and manners. She is active and enjoys sports and is hopeful her forever family will help her get involved in lacrosse, field hockey, and dance. Maxeen says she is adventurous, and she loves trying new things; she would love to climb a huge mountain and even wants to be a contestant on the show ?Fear Factor.? Maxeen is artistic and loves drawing. She also enjoys going on walks, journaling, reading, and listening to music. Maxeen is doing well in school academically. She is passionate about animals and is determined to attend college to become a veterinarian. Her dream is to attend either Kansas State or Penn State University. Maxeen would do well in a two-parent home with few other children, as she thrives when she can receive individual attention from caregivers. She would like to be part of an active family and she is okay with a family who attends church but does not wish to attend church herself. Maxeen is not yet legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified, the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. To learn more about Maxeen, please call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN.