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Zaahir from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Hello, my name is Agent Zaahir, special investigator with the FBI, but you can just call me Zaahir. Before we get started with the daily briefing allow me to introduce myself. I have two main goals in life; the first is to be a leader to others as I want to be the person others can come to for guidance, well the type of guidance a young man can provide at this age (after all, I have so much more to learn). My other goal is to help my community any way I can. Real quick, I want to let you in on a little secret; I have dreams of running for president one day, so you could be raising the future leader of our country, just saying. I like to describe myself as outgoing, confident, and inquisitive about life. I need a family that can provide me with lots of structure and can support my desires and dreams. I also want an active family to participate in my daily life activities. I will be honest; I have a hard time trusting people and would need a family willing to be patient and give me time to trust them. I would prefer a mom and dad that are African American (as I am also African American), but I am open to trying with families of other races. I would really thrive as an only child; however, older children in the home could work as well. Just a little side note, I would be super stoked if my future family had some connections to law enforcement as I enjoy learning about laws and maintaining order. I am willing and open to moving away from my current location and experiencing life in the country or suburbs. I would really like a family that will take me horseback riding or to be close to a farm, so I can learn how to care for the animals. I am great with chores and love to keep things organized, as that is how I function best. I would really like my future home to have a backyard and access to a pool so I can go swimming with family and friends, but it's not a deal breaker. Most of all, I just want to feel loved and accepted, and to be raised by a stable and supportive family. Now, let's get started on our rundown of open cases. After all, an agent's job is never done. Zaahir is legally free for adoption. For more information, please call the SWAN HelpLine at 1-800-585-SWAN, or have your worker reach out to the recruiter, Julianna Zimmerman at
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