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Alex from Texas



from Texas

Alex is a sweet and loving toddler who has shown to be a resilient fighter. Alex is described to be a very happy and loving child. He has continued to be strong and achieve important developmental milestones. Alex enjoys having soft music played to him. He also enjoys watching cartoons and listening to lullabies. Another one of his favorite past times is having books read to him, and his caregiver conversing with him. Alex loves being spoken to and cuddled with love. He also likes to be carried and hugged as well. He thrives from one on one attention and having a caring and attentive caregiver. Although he's had his own set of challenges, Alex continues to do well. He will be a terrific addition to his forever family.

Alex will benefit from a loving and caring family. His forever family will be knowledgeable or experienced regarding medical care, and in dealing with children with medical needs. Alex will do well in a two-parent household. He would benefit with a family who is flexible time schedule for all medical appointments necessary for Alex.

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