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Andrew from Texas



from Texas

Andrew is a polite and reserved teen. He tends to keep to himself and is shy. He enjoys playing video games and drawing and wants to be an artist. He is artistic and his favorite class in school is art. Andrew has plans to one day work as a tattoo artist or work on cars. He likes to point out sports cars and talk about them. He has friends at school that he is close to, and those relationships are important to him. Andrew has an interest in fashion and takes pride in his style and the way he dresses. Andrew's hobbies include watching anime, movies, youtube, and TikTok, as well as spending time with friends. Andrew enjoys listening to music and states Spanish music is his favorite. He is working on learning more Spanish so he can understand the songs. He has a desire to feel more connected to his culture and heritage.

Andrew would benefit from a home where he could have a balance of freedom and responsibility. Andrew would like a home with two parents and possibly siblings. Andrew can be shy and withdrawn, so his forever family will be one that will give him time to open up.

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