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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Angel is a very loving, caring and funny girl. Angel gets along with others and she makes friends easily. She enjoys singing and dancing, hanging out with her friends, and listening to music. One of her favorite hobbies is styling hair. She is able to understand and follow directions. She likes engaging with family members, attending church, and participating in the community. Her foster family participates in Green Day, Community Clean Up and a variety of holidays. She is currently in the eighth grade, does well and is looking forward to attending high school. Angel can be easily distracted from one activity to the next, but she can get back on task by a simple prompt. Angel is looking forward to having a forever family.

Angel would benefit from a well structured, nurturing and loving home environment with a regular daily routine and clear expectations with appropriate consequences or rewards. She may benefit from participation in extracurricular activities to expand on her interests and social interactions. Angel would do best with a family who can accept her younger brother as well. She would do best with a two parent family with a possible stay-at-home parent who can give them the attention they need. Both would like an active family that is also active in the community. Her forever family will be understanding of Angel's history and be good listeners. Angel's family will support and encourage her own cultural identity and spirituality.

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