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Annina from Texas



from Texas

Annina is a very sweet and caring youth. She loves to help others in need and wants to make those around her happy. Annina loves learning new things around the home such as cooking, arts and crafts, and helping with the animals. She loves to make bracelets and finds that this relaxes her. Annina loves being outside and playing sports when she has a chance. Annina loves watching movies; her favorite movies are from the 80's. She does well with other children, and she prefers to be in a home with older children. Annina be happy to live anywhere, even outside of Texas. She has stated she would love to have the opportunity to travel someday.

Annina will benefit from a family who spends time with her and ensures that all of her needs are being met. She would love to have a mom and dad in the home, and she would enjoy having older siblings. Annina will thrive in a family who is active outdoors and likes doing arts and crafts.

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