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Ashlynn from Texas



from Texas

Ashlynn is a beautiful little girl with a gorgeous head of hair. She is comforted by being snuggled and held. She likes to chew on toys that vibrate. Although Ashlynn does not communicate using words, she makes cooing noises when she feels comforted. She reacts to sound around her and will look when someone is speaking. She will turn her body and look towards the direction of the person if her name is called out. Most of her tactile behavior is in reaction to sound. When you hold her, she will put both of her hands on your face and pull you close. Despite her medical needs, Ashlynn is very determined. She breathes with the use of a tracheostomy and ventilator and receives nutrition and medications through a g-tube. Ashlynn can see out of the outer ring of her retina. She can track the movement of brightly colored objects with her eyes and will reach for the objects. She will also grab your finger when you place it in her palm and clap her hands together. Ashlynn has made amazing progress in that she is now able to crawl, stand on her own, roll, and pull herself up to the desk. She enjoys going for walks outside in her wheelchair. She loves to play with toys that light up and make music.

Ashlynn will benefit from a family who is trained to care for children with medical needs. Her forever family will provide her with constant supervision and love. More importantly, Ashlynn's forever family will commit to her for the rest of her life. The ideal family would be experienced in caring for children with primary medical needs and be knowledgeable about accessing resources in the community.

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