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Audiaja from Texas



from Texas

Audiaja is a very sweet young lady who really enjoys anime. Audiaja likes to talk about the story lines of her favorite characters, wear anime t-shirts, and decorate her room in anime posters. She also enjoys playing video games as well. Audiaja enjoys learning and does very well in school. She enjoys participating in sports along with other school activities. Audiaja does well with assisting and mentoring other children. She can appear to be shy at first but becomes a ball of energy once you get to know her. Audiaja is bright and very personable. She enjoys all the arts, especially drama. Audiaja thrives with a solid support system around her. She loves animals and is very caring towards them. Audiaja is thinking about pursuing a career as a veterinarian when she grows up!

Audiaja's forever family will be one that encourages her inquisitive nature and loves her for who she is. Her family needs to be creative and offer her an outlet to explore her love of the arts. Audiaja does well with consistent structure and predictability. Her family will offer her one-on-one time that provides support and guidance as she navigates the teen years and grows into the person she is meant to be.

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