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Billy from Texas



from Texas

Billy is an absolute joy to be around and a child with a passion for sports, particularly football, which he hopes to play in the future. He is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He also has a budding flame for baseball but has never stepped on a diamond. Billy yearns to do all the sports and have an outlet for his energy. Not only is he athletic, but he also enjoys going to school. He is bright and enthusiastic about learning, absorbing knowledge eagerly. Billy also considers himself a history buff and is all ears when it comes to this subject in school. He will often itch to learn more outside of school! With a knack for tinkering and a love for laughter and jokes, Billy thrives in exploring new adventures, learning how to fix anything with a motor, trying new things, and will happily get dirty with any new hands-on activities. Billy is a Texas boy through and through and hopes to live on a farm or ride a tractor. He is full of potential and aspires to become a pilot someday despite never having been on a plane before.

Billy's forever family will set clear rules, enforce boundaries, and establish structure from day one, especially in video games. His forever family should watch his game time closely and stress the importance of having limitations. His family will be outgoing, travel junkies, sports fanatics, cool with more siblings, crazy about dogs, and okay with him snuggling with a puppy in bed. A pool is a must since he's a little fish in the water. Billy would love for his future family to be followers of the Christian faith, active churchgoers, up for praying together, and share his love for diving into the Bible. Let the family fun times roll!

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