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Channon from Texas



from Texas

Channon is a quiet, introverted youth. He is accustomed to having his own personal space and does well when he is by himself. While he likes his own space, he does not have any issues developing relationships with his peers. Channon is easily entertained and does not rely on his peers to entertain him. He has a good personality and laughs easily. Channon is easily influenced by his peers and has a tendency to follow along with what they are doing. He has a very mild personality and considers himself to be "easy going." Channon is a typical teenager in regards to his behavior, but overall he is a well behaved youth. He is very polite and has good manners. He is respective to adults and peers. Channon enjoys woodwork and building furniture. He plays percussion in his school band and enjoys playing and listening to music. Channon enjoys outdoor activities like fishing and camping. He likes being around animals, with dogs being his favorite.

Channon has a close relationship with his older sister, who is not part of this adoption, and he wants to maintain this relationship. He prefers a two-parent family that will keep him busy in the activities he enjoys. Channon has always lived in a rural area and will do well living in the country or a small town.

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