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Connor from Texas



from Texas

Meet Connor! He is a huge fan of anything fast and furious. He is a car fanatic and enjoys just about anything related to cars. Connor likes sports cars the most; he said the more extravagant, the better. He is described as a cheerful child who can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. He loves discussing many topics and loves talking about anything and everything. Conner has big dreams, including opening his own Italian restaurant when he finishes school. He does well in school and gets A's and B's. Connor understands that school is very important to his success. He is a pretty mild-mannered child who enjoys listening to music to relax and will listen to just about any genre. He loves animals and hopes to have a dog of his own someday. Connor also enjoys most sports, such as football, basketball and especially track.

Connor will do well with a two-parent home that will ensure that his long-term needs are being met. They would help him navigate his dreams as he prepares to become an adult and aid in him achieving them. He would also do well in a home that has pets or is willing to get pets.

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