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Daniel from Texas



from Texas

Daniel is a sweet and energic child who enjoys playing with his friends from school and church. He also loves riding his bike and swimming. Telling jokes and being tickled makes Daniel laugh. Daniel is not afraid to explore! He had rid himself of his fear of insects and he now enjoys playing with crickets that roam around outside. Daniel enjoys attending school. He is a straight A student and loves to read. He enjoys homemade meals like Ramen noodles, spicy chicken and shrimp, cheese pizza and chicken nuggets. He doesn't like steak or red meat but loves corn and beans. He enjoys decorating cakes and cupcakes. Daniel loves animals and does well with the household pets. He is very creative and has a big imagination. He can think outside to box and is very innovative when it comes to play. Daniel likes to sleep with his stuffed toys. He is described as an easy going, go with the flow type of person. Daniel loves going to church, and he prays at night. Daniel helps others by listening and treating others the way they want to be treated. He likes to play kickball and soccer. He also enjoys playing catch. Daniel likes all the football teams except the Eagles. He enjoys playing video games and his favorite game is Roblox.

Aiden, Mario and Daniel are a loving sibling group who would like to be adopted together by their forever family. Aiden is the oldest sibling, while Mario is the middle sibling and Daniel is the youngest. All three siblings enjoy playing video games. Aiden and Mario like playing Mine Craft and Daniel's favorite is Roblox. They are all respectful and kind individuals. They all enjoy going swimming and spending time playing outdoors. The boys also enjoy sports. Aiden and Mario each have a favorite team and have reasons as to why they follow the teams. Aiden and Mario enjoy cooking and Daniel enjoys eating. The siblings enjoy helping others and they get great satisfaction from being helpful. Aiden and Mario are goal oriented and already have a career choice and in mind. Daniel has a big imagination and is creative. Aiden, Mario, and Daniel enjoy laughing and having a good time together and are looking forward to joining a family!

Daniel forever family will be one that will give him lots of attention and direction. He would enjoy a high energy and active family. Daniel's family will be one that is willing to play sports, participate in outdoor activities and play video games with him. Daniel will thrive with a family that is patient and understanding of his needs. Daniel's family will take time to go on outings and participate in activities with him. He wants a mom and dad who can give him hugs and is able to keep up with his energy! His forever family will help to develop his social skills, develop interpersonal relationships, and guide him in daily experiences. They will nurture him and show him affection. He will flourish with a family that provides a routine but can also be flexible.

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