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Deanthony from Texas



from Texas

DeAnthony is a sweet boy who thrives on individual attention. He enjoys listening to music, and playing the drums and guitar. DeAnthony does especially well with positive rewards in the form of food, especially tangerines, and is working on his listening skills. He has a current autism diagnosis but is dedicated to learning new behaviors and appropriate coping skills. DeAnthony enjoys walking outside in nature to become grounded again. He has a special love for writing and drawing, and exceeds in these areas with structured one-on-one support. DeAnthony loves to eat all foods but lights up when meals include pasta, chicken and McFlurries. His favorite activities to do with peers are playing basketball, walking on a treadmill, and building things out of Legos. DeAnthony benefits from one-on-one supervision and specific instructions to complete tasks. He prides himself on his ability to tie his shoes, as this is a skill he has mastered! DeAnthony has limited speech but enjoys physical touch from trusted friends, especially head scratches.

DeAnthony will thrive in a structured, patient and understanding home that is able to provide him individual attention and watchful supervision. The family will have to work to earn DeAnthony's trust and help him to feel safe and relaxed in their home. It will be important that the family helps DeAnthony access necessary resources to promote his growth and wellbeing. He enjoys being around other children, but would likely do best in a family who will allow him to be a centerpiece in their life. DeAnthony will love a forever family that will support his achievements and help him overcome obstacles.

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