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Eden from Texas



from Texas

Eden is friendly and kind and always has a smile on his face. He is described by his teachers as a sweet child. Eden likes school and does well in class. He likes to help out others when he can. Social skills and interacting with peers has been a challenge for him, but he has made great progress in this area. Once Eden gets to know someone, he is eager to please them. Eden likes to express himself with drawing and currently is fascinated with calendars and fire alarms. He enjoys watching TV and playing Minecraft, but typically will just sit with his caregivers and participate in whatever it is they are doing. He has shown steady growth when he is in a stable and safe environment.

Eden is used to having other children around who are similar age to him. He requires routine and can struggle if his usual routine is thrown off too much. Eden will do best with a family who has experience or willingness to understand the dynamics of caring for a child with autism. Eden does well with animals. He does well with clear directions and support and if he is struggling, Eden does best with time to cool down followed by one on one discussion. Eden has made great progress and needs a family who will continue to help support him through his progress.

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