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Elicio from Texas



from Texas

Elicio is a very sweet kid who is up for trying new things! He is very silly and loves to make people laugh. Elicio loves to play with toys and enjoys playing on the playground. He enjoys playing with Lego's. Elicio is good at building things and is a creative kid. He is a happy kid and almost always has a smile on his face. Elicio enjoys making friends. He is a resilient child and is improving in his ability to understand others. Elicio does best when he has a solid support system around him. At times, Elicio needs support in order to stay focused. A structured and interactive environment to help him work on his attention span. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Greater Wichita Falls.

The ideal family for Elicio will give him encouragement, motivation, and love in both good and bad times. His family will be one who understands he will have failures and triumphs and will guide him to become the best person he can be. Elicio looks forward to being part of loving family who will be with him forever.

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