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Emanuel from Texas



from Texas

Emanuel is a friendly and sweet child. He goes by the nickname Manny, and it suits him very well. He likes to help when given a task and can be affectionate. He does set some limits to physical touch, but his smile that lights up the room show others that he is ready to give and receive love. Manny loves to play with blocks, watch cartoons, and play games on his tablet that help him learn his letters, colors, and shapes. Manny loves animals and enjoys petting his animals at home. He also enjoys being outside and is excited when an adult goes for a walk with him. Manny will do his home chores, including making his bed and taking out the trash. He also knows how to separate his clothes to prepare them for washing.

Emanuel's forever family will have the flexibility to assist him and provide the amount of supervision that he requires. It would also be beneficial for the family to have long term goals and plans in place to access services for him as he transitions into adulthood to ensure he has resources available after he turns 18. His forever family will be supportive of all of his needs.

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