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Emanuel from Texas



from Texas

Emanuel is a friendly and sweet child. He goes by the nickname "Manny" and it suits him very well. Manny loves to play with blocks, watch cartoons, and play games on his tablet to help him learn his letters, colors, and shapes. He also likes to help when he's given a task. He loves animals and enjoys petting the small dog in the home. Manny is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He can be affectionate, but he does set some limits to physical touch. His smile lights up the room and shows others that he is ready to give and receive love. Manny also enjoys being outside and is excited when an adult will go for a walk with him. Change and transition can be difficult for Manny. He responds well to consistency and structure. He may need extra support and reassurance during big transitions, such as moving.

Manny's family will need to have training or experience working with children with special needs or diagnosed with Autism. His family will need to have the flexibility to assist him and provide the amount of supervision he requires. It would also be beneficial for the family to have long term goals and plans in place to access services for Manny as he transitions into adulthood.

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