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Franshay from Texas



from Texas

Franshay is a sweet, caring, and happy teenager. Initially, she can be shy until she gets to know you well. Once she is comfortable, she is easy to talk to and engages well in conversation. Franshay enjoys participating in activities both inside and outdoors. When she is inside, she likes to watch movies, listen to music, scrap book, read, and write. When she is outdoors, she likes to play with her foster siblings, ride bikes, skate, swim, or play with animals. Franshay enjoys spending time out and about in the community and having new experiences. She also enjoys hanging out with her peers. Franshay values family and desires to be a part of a caring family. She is excited be a part of a great forever family!

Franshay will do well in either at one or two-parent home. She will thrive as either the youngest or only child in the home. Franshay has siblings in Texas and would like to remain in Texas to maintain contact.

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