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Haley from Texas



from Texas

Haley is a precious child. Toys with sound get her attention; she gets excited when presented with a toy having lights and sound. Haley can participate with others in physical activities and likes to do so. Although she is non-verbal, she points and makes noises in order to reveal items she wants or needs. Haley enjoys being outside to take walks or play; she likes listening to music and dancing. On rainy days, Haley likes to chill and watch movies. Arts and crafts are something Haley likes to do, not only is it relaxing for her, but arts and crafts are an opportunity for her to work on specific motor skills. Haley loves to take on new tasks and gets excited when she does well. She likes individual attention. She is trusting of others and this allows multiple individuals to work with her at once. Haley occasionally needs assistance with her balance. She can interact with others and participate in activities physically. Haley shows constant growth in her ability to learn to do new things. Haley responds to re-direction well and has behaviors typical of her age.

Haley will do well with a family who will give her a great deal of one on one interaction. An active family dedicated to keeping Haley motivated in learning and progressing in all areas will be the ideal fit. The family needs to possess patience, willingness to nurture, fun and loving attitude, as well as understanding the frustrations Haley feels as a result of not being able to conquer desired tasks.