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Hattie from Texas



from Texas

Hattie is a vibrant young lady with a beautiful smile. She has a great sense of humor and always makes her friends and others laugh. She takes pride in her appearance. She likes doing her eyelashes and says the bigger the eyelashes the better. She is like any typical teenage girl and likes to spend time shopping, especially through Amazon. Her favorite foods are pizza and hamburgers and her favorite place to eat is Chick-fil-A. Hattie has big goals for her future. Her short-term goal is to get a part-time job. Her long-term goal is to earn a degree from college. She wants to become an investigator for human trafficking crimes. Hattie is intelligent and witty. Her favorite classes in school are English, Biology, and Math. Her hobbies include drawing, playing volleyball, swimming, journaling, and listening to music. Her favorite items are her phone and tablet as she likes to stay socially connected to her friends.

Hattie's family will offer positive guidance and support. She needs to be in an environment where she will receive a lot of individual attention. Her ideal family will offer Hattie unconditional love and patience as she adjusts to her forever home. Her forever family should be one who likes to plan activities as a family.

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