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Hope from Texas



from Texas

Hope is a very caring young lady with a bright smile. She loves to be active in the community and watch sporting events. She also loves animals and enjoys attending church. Hope likes to spend time outdoors whether its jumping on the trampoline or swimming. She is very creative and artsy. She loves listening to K-pop music and currently plays the clarinet. She hasn't figured out what she wants to be when she grows up, but she does know that she would like to pursue something with the arts. Hope is not a picky eater and enjoys buffets. Her favorite restaurant is Golden Coral. Hope is easy to communicate with and she enjoys spending time with her peers and caregivers. Relationships are very important to Hope, and she enjoys making new friends.

Hope's forever family will be one that provides love, structure and patience. Hope would benefit from a family that has a great deal of understanding. Hope would like to continue contact with her siblings and would like a family who will support this contact.

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