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Hunter from Texas



from Texas

Hunter is a respectful, polite boy. He enjoys playing basketball and football with his friends and for his high school. Hunter is very passionate about the things and people he cares about. He is a hard worker and has a great work ethic. Hunter loves burgers, along with pretty much any other kind of food. He is good at communicating his wants and needs and longs for a family of which he can be a part. Hunter likes to show respect to his elders and his peers around him. He enjoys attending school and is currently making all A's and B's. Hunter takes a lot of pride in his success and his hard work. Hunter describes himself as a very loyal friend and family member.

Hunter's forever family will be a kind, loving, and patient family. Hunter's family will love him deeply and be as committed to him as he is to them. His family will help Hunter develop his passions for sports, and people. Hunter does well with people who show respect, love, and understanding.

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