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Imani from Texas



from Texas

Imani is a quiet and thoughtful young boy. He loves playing basketball and football outside. He loves playing board games, such as checkers, chess, and card games. Imani likes watching sports on TV. In his downtime, he enjoys watching movies and playing video games. Imani enjoys riding bicycles, going on walks, and spending time at the park. He generally gets along well with peers and adults. Imani prefers to stay active. Imani favorite foods are pizza, pizza and pizza! His favorite things are spending time with friends, listening to music and playing sports. His favorite academic subjects are math and science. He has a great sense of humor and loves to tell and be told jokes. His interests and hobbies include basketball, auto repair, cooking, football, fishing, magic, photography, playing games and video games, riding bikes, watching movies, skateboarding, shopping and talking on the phone.

Imani's forever family will be committed to keeping him and his siblings in contact with each other. He will benefit from security and having a consistent positive role model(s) in his life. Imani's family will advocate for his educational needs in the school setting and help him work on those needs at home. A perfect family for Imani will be active and enjoy playing with the children, whether in an outside game of "catch" or an indoor board game.

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