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Imani from Texas



from Texas

Imani is a quiet and thoughtful young boy who is very close with his siblings. He loves playing outside and being engaged in games inside, such as tic-tac-toe or board games. Imani likes watching sports and movies, and playing video games. Imani enjoys riding bicycles, going on walks, and spending time at the park. He has a great smile and infectious laugh, and he generally gets along well with peers and adults. Imani responds well to praise. He is well behaved at school, and he benefits from additional support with his schoolwork. Imani is a healthy and active young boy.

Imani is the eldest of his siblings, and he is sometimes the quietest of his siblings too. He often observes what is going on more than the other two and will speak up after he has watched for a while. Zoey is a typical middle child, who is often the peacekeeper of her brothers. She will comfort her brothers if they are sad and let them win at a game or competition to boost their self-esteem. Zoey has a very high energy level and is often moving around, while Imani is typically lower energy. Kylon is definitely the youngest of the group and enjoys receiving as much attention as possible. He is a typical young child who enjoys running and playing, and enjoys playing video games as well. This sibling group is very close to one another.

Imani needs a family who will be committed to keeping him and his siblings together. He will benefit from security and having a consistent positive role model(s) in his life. Imani's family will advocate for his educational needs in the school setting and help him work on those needs at home as well. A perfect family for Imani will be active and enjoy playing the children, whether in an outside game of "catch" or an indoor board game.

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