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Isabella from Texas



from Texas

Isabella is a sporty and active teen who likes to go for runs and play basketball. Like her brother, Isabella has expressed interest in joining the military when she graduates from high school. Isabella likes to draw and write in her journal. She also likes singing karaoke to her favorite songs and dancing with her sisters. Some of her other interest include cooking and completing arts and crafts projects. Isabella can came across as a quiet and timid teen, but opens up when she becomes comfortable with you. She is very compassionate and likes to make people happy. Isabella likes school and her favorite subject is math.

Meet Jonathan, Isabella, Alaisha, Jasmine, and Nathashia! Jonathan is the oldest sibling and is protective of his sisters and looks out for them. He is a great leader and shares his wants and needs for himself, as well as for his sisters. Isabella is the oldest girl in the group, and likes to help her younger sisters with everyday tasks and also help care of them. Alaisha is more independent, but enjoys spending time with her siblings. She tends to hang out more with her younger sisters, but likes to have her own space and privacy. Jasmine and Nathashia are close in age and share a lot of the same interests and qualities. Jonathan and Isabella share a close bond with each other, as they are also close in age and enjoy the same interest in sports and music. Jasmine and Nathashia sometimes joke that they are like twins. They enjoy visiting and going on outings together. All the children like to talk about school and the activities they are involved in.

Isabella will do well with a family who has rules and boundaries for her to follow. Isabella likes consistency, but also fluidity in the home. Isabella wants to be adopted with her siblings. Isabella will benefit from receiving reassurance from her family that she is doing well in her new home. Isabella wants a family who has pets. Isabella will do best with a family who is patient, caring, loving, and understanding. She needs a family who will be supportive of her as she transitions into young adulthood.

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