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Jesse from Texas



from Texas

Jesse is generally a happy boy. He is really funny once you can get him to warm up and come out of his shell. Jesse is very shy at first and sometimes prefers to play alone. He has made a lot of progress in this area and has made lots of friends at school and at church. Jesse enjoys going to church and interacting with his peers there. He also likes to play video games, read, and watch TV. He enjoys playing outside as well; such has swimming and riding his bicycle. Jesse has a new found love for singing and often enjoys singing karaoke. Jesse also enjoys school and wants to learn and is very proud with his progress in reading. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio.

Jesse is anxiously waiting for his forever home. He will benefit from a loving, caring, and strong family who will provide him with a structured and stable environment. Jesse will thrive with a family who will build on the positives as well as set up reasonable, age appropriate limits with consequences that can be enforced consistently. The ideal family for Jesse is a patient and understanding family who could have other children in the home, but Jesse will also thrive in a home without siblings as he loves the attention.

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