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Josiah from Texas



from Texas

Josiah is a very smart and talented kid. He stated that some of his classes are tough, but he manages with ease. His highest grade is in social studies. He continues to make great strides and has improved his behavior. He is reminded of rules and boundaries, and he is encouraged to use his coping skills that he's learned whenever needed. Josiah articulates well and he can effectively communicate his wants and needs. He enjoys singing, listening to music, and has even made up his own jingles. Josiah has a great sense of humor and likes to tell jokes. He enjoys playing sports with his peers. His favorite sport is basketball. He enjoys playing video games, flying kites, and going on outings. Josiah enjoys being praised for good behavior and appreciates when his good behavior is recognized. Josiah dreams of having a loving family, to live in a mansion, and to one day be his own manager.

Josiah's forever family will provide him with strong rules and remind him of expectations. His family will be a loving family who can provide structure, organization, and consistency. Josiah desires to be in a home with both a mom and a dad. He desires to have a brother and a sister. He desires to be in a home that has a dog and a cat.

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