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Julian from Texas



from Texas

Julian has a great personality, he is funny, smart, creative and kind. He is the type of kid that meets no stranger and enjoys making new friends. He likes to spend time playing video games or outside on the court playing basketball. He enjoys spending time with his friends by going to the movies or hang out at the local park. He loves eating Mexican food, specially chicken enchiladas and cheese quesadillas. He would like to one day be a professional football player, he enjoys playing in the Middle School football team. Julian's favorite football team is the Cowboys, he wishes to one day be able to visit the Cowboys Stadium. He also enjoys watching Basketball, his favorite NBA team is the Mavericks. Julian has expressed that he would like to one day be able to travel the world.

Julian will do well in a two parent household that is committed in providing a structured home where he is able to mature into a well rounded teenager. Julian will do well if he was the older child in the home as he has a natural nurturing spirit. His forever family will help him grow emotionally stable, and support his goals to participate in sports such as football or basketball.

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