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Katrina from Texas



from Texas

Katrina is a lively and spirited young teenage girl, who can be sweet and loving. She is also a strong willed and determined young lady who enjoys participating in activities like game nights, sports, going on outings and shopping. She loves attention and being around people she loves and peers her own age. Celebrations of life events like birthday's, Christmas and other special occasions are important to her. Katrina is fluent in sign language and hopes to someday go to college and use this skill in her future career. She enjoys crafting and creating art. She likes McDonald's burgers and fries. She is a typical girl who likes cute, clothes and make-up. She wants to learn how to sew and would like someone to teach her. Katrina will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Katrina's forever family will ensure that she abel to feel loved unconditionally, secure and accepted for who she is. Katrina's forever family will show an outpouring of love by keeping their word and promises, being patient with her when she is struggling and testing limits and are encouraging to her when she messes up, reinforcing that they are in this together forever. Katrina's forever home will be structured and dependable, as well as offers her support without conditions, that will give firm direction and supervision. Katrina's forever family will encourage her and help her to excel to her full potential and never give up on her. Katrina's family will realize her personal hurdles and assist her in conquering them. As a family they will rejoice together in the moments of progress and use every day as a building block to something greater.

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