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Labrais from Texas



from Texas

Labrais is a happy, loving, quiet, and affectionate child with a beautiful smile. He enjoys playing with any and all types of toys, but his favorites are cars and trucks. Despite some challenges, Labrais is smart and has a great memory. He enjoys watching Paw Patrol and any superhero action movie. Labrais does best with structure and a consistent schedule, and needs reminders to complete tasks. He does well in the classroom but needs extra assistance and support to reach his goals. Labrais is very bonded to his younger brothers and looks after them to ensure that they are doing well.

Labrais, Bryise, and Willie are loving children who have a lot of love to offer. They play well together overall, but have their moments of sibling rivalry. The three boys all love playing outside. They enjoy playing with cars, trucks, and anything superhero related. Labrais is the oldest and looks after his brothers, ensuring that they are always happy. Bryise enjoys making others laugh and keeps the energy up. Willie likes to play hard and loves being affectionate. The three boys enjoy spending time together and ask about the others when they are a part for any amount of time. They do best with both structure and affection.

Labrais will do well with a family who is patient and committed. He needs a family who can provide him with careful supervision and a safe place. A family who will spend time with him and engage him in outdoor and sport activities will be a great fit. Labrais will do best with a family who will advocate and empower him in all aspects of his life in order to help him reach his goals. He responds well to a predictable and structured environment. The ideal family will be loving and patient and commit to him and his younger siblings.

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