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Logan from Texas



from Texas

Logan enjoys watching wrestling on television. His favorite wrestler is Seth Rollins. He also enjoys playing video games, watching Youtube, and playing with his toys and wrestling figures. He is an anxious child who asks questions repeatedly despite being given an answer as a way to cope and reassure himself. He loves to ride his scooter and is always in good spirits. He loves cheeseburgers. He is very "kind hearted" and loving towards everyone, especially younger children. He is very open and honest. He is well behave. He is very resilient and is always trying his best. It is very important for him to be loved and accepted.

Logan would do best in a two-parent home, with or without children of any age, and who are very patient and kind. The ideal adoptive family will be flexible and able to reassure him that he is safe regarding all of his day to day life. He would do best in a calm and structured home where he can feel safe and secure, as well as with adoptive parents who are patient and able to give him a lot of warning and reminders about tasks that need to be completed.

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