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  Logan from Texas



from Texas

Logan is a sweet and funny child who really enjoys sports. He is hoping to be able to play football one day and would love to have a family there to cheer him on and tell him how proud they are of him. Logan would love to cheer on his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, as well. He also enjoys basketball and loves to spend the hot summer days outdoors swimming. Like many boys his age, Logan is into superheroes. Captain American, Spiderman, and Superman all bring a big smile to his face. Logan is a smart child and does well in school. He enjoys being a big brother to his foster siblings and he likes to help his foster parents around the house.

Logan needs an experienced family who is patient and understanding. He will do best with a family that offers a very consistent and structured home environment, with clear rules and expectations. His ideal family will be willing and able to give him lots of attention and make him feel like a superhero. Logan needs a family that understands and expects that he will require guidance and redirection. His family will be willing to work with him on addressing behaviors and supporting his needs. Logan would like a family that is active and who will allow him to participate in sports. He needs a family that will be his biggest cheerleader at those Friday night football games!

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