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Madison from Texas



from Texas

Madison has a deep connection to art and horses. She has positive self-esteem when in a nurturing environment, where she is encouraged to recognize her strengths and express her caring and generous nature. Madison impresses others with her talent for creative problem solving. She is fun loving, and has a great sense of humor. Madison longs to be part of a family. Madison does not let circumstances affect her ability to be loving and generous. She enjoys doing make-up and would like to go to cosmetology school. She finds that using make-up is a creative outlet for her and also helps her to connect with her peers.

Madison will thrive in a two-parent home, where she is the only child or the oldest child in the home. At least one caregiver's schedule allows flexibility to provide Madison with consistent individual attention. Madison will benefit from a structured home, with understanding, clear expectations and the ability to calmly stand firm by her. She enjoys being together and trying new things. Madison will benefit from a home which gives her normalcy, and opportunities to do normal teenager activities.

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